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Creación de Módulos para Phyxio

Manual de usuario para la creación de módulos para Phyxio

Manage your Smart Mirror with smartmirror-console

Learn how to configure and manage an ARCO Smart Mirror with the package smartmirror-console.

Speech Recognition with DeepSpeech

A recipe to learn how train a speech recognition model and how to use that with DeepSpeech

Monitoring System

Explanation of the installation and execution of the monitoring system.

Google Assistant on the Voice Bonnet

A recipe to learn how to create a Google Assistant with a Raspberry Pi 4 and Adafruit Voice Bonnet.

Integrating Xiaomi Mi Band 4 devices with smart mirror

A recipe to learn how to collect data from Xiaomi Mi Band 4 devices and visualize it in a smart mirror.

Fall Detection System

Explanation of the basics about the fall detection system that is in development

Integrating MbientLab MetaMotionR sensors with Python

A recipe to learn how to use the MetaMotion library, and read data from the sensors of the MetaMotionR board usin Python