Arco Recipes

All common recipes that does not belong to any specific project (i.e documentation, hardware, ...).

Amazfit 2 Dynamic Core: Integration with Python

Recipe explaining how to connect and use the Amazfit 2 Smart Chip device using Python.

Cómo crear snapshots de vagrant

Esta receta explica como crear imágenes de un servicio para mantenerlo funcionando siempre.

Building Packages with Ian

Recipe explaining how to build and upload a debian package to a package repository

Programming IceC in X86

Description, step by step, of how to program and compile an IceC program to the x86 architecture

Make testing with Prego

A simple description of how to install and use prego to make system/integration tests

Smart Transducer: getting started

First steps of using the ST interfaces and tools.

Cómo imprimir un PCB con una máquina LPKF

En esta sección se verá como imprimir con una máquina LPKF un PCB previamente diseñado

Integrating Xiaomi Devices

This recipe will show you how to actuate and receive events from the Mijia Smart Home kit (using Python and the mijia-smart-home library).

Cómo crear documentación

En esta receta se describen los pasos necesarios para usar el repositorio de documentación de Arco.